Jordan Schaul


Starstruck Online™ (Bicoastal Reputation Management)

Serving celebrities, public figures, other notable individuals, & their brands, businesses & charitable interests.

Animal Trainer Dude™ (Dog Trainer Dude™)

Reward-based behavior health & welfare management & conditioning for companion animals & wildlife in human care.

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HuffPost Contributions Bio/Contributions 

The editorial featuring celebrity fitness trainer and former Miss USA contestant (Miss Beverly Hills) Elina Shaffy (originally posted 9/7/2017) is currently “unpublished” while photo licensing constraints are reviewed.

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National Geographic Voices Bio/Contributions

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Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
After serving as a research associate, animal curator
and ultimately director of conservation programs at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC), Jordan assumed a curatorial post at a zoological facility in California. He went on to consult captive wildlife facilities (zoos and sanctuaries) in the US and internationally. In 2017, he rejoined the AWCC as a consultant working remotely from California.

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During his tenure in residence at the AWCC, Jordan held courtesy faculty & research posts in the Department of Health Science (University of Alaska, Anchorage) and the Department of Wildlife Science & Biology (University of Alaska, Fairbanks).

Charter Board Member &
Former Executive Director of ZooNation

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Zoo Peeps
Advocating for Sorta Situ Wildlife Conservation
(Species Preservation Through Management
of Animal Populations in human care & in nature.

Jordan’s Resume
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