Pat Harris is running for US Senate in 2018: “Bye” to the Feinsteins & “No” to the ‘Frumps’…

Political ’labels’ never insulted me. I was wholly unaware of what my ideological views really signified, much less what my values constituted.

I have been ‘apolitical’ my whole adult life. I almost most considered adopting Centrism because it sounded good.  But a cursory exploration into the ‘Bloomberg’ political ideology with the help of Wikipedia no less, encouraged me to revisit my options on a political front.

Undoubtedly, polling data will show that I’ve never even voted for any public servant, but that is about to change….

This is my third stint in California and I intend to vote. For better or worse, it has taken crazy, chaotic and deconstructive acts from an emotionally and intellectually unfit presidential leader and no paucity of self-absorbed congressional representatives to finally get me to the polls. So thank you Mr. Frump and in DC.


Please visit the official Facebook campaign page for Progressive Democrat Pat Harris (Elect Pat Harris for US Senate-CA 2018) to learn more about the progressive political ideologies of the critically acclaimed author and attorney…..

Pat is poised to replace California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein sooner than later. Feinstein has been in Congress for enough consecutive terms to exceeds my natural adult life span to date. Without as much as benign judgement, I think she and the citizens of California need a break from each other.


Some thoughts on the tragedy in Nevada…

I extend my condolences to Las Vegas residents, including my my father, and visitors to the dazzling and intentionally ostentatious ‘urban center’ in the desert. And I can’t help but reflect along with every other FB user on what permitted or encouraged this unprecedented tragedy to unfold to the dismay of the Free World.

At the juncture of so many societal issues, which are continually dismissed or deflected daily with asinine tweet storms from our inarticulate ‘Tweeter and Thief’, we are indeed a nation torn and in trouble.

The POTUS offers us nothing but chaos to thwart drawing attention to his inability to lead us or even manage the White House culinary team.

At best, “Frump” is a reality show host and former beauty pageant owner. Sadly for all of us, his legacy may be that of America’s most accomplished Twitter account user and/or the most widely recognized political buffoon ever to hold any office as a public servant.


We need to elect smart and effective congressional leaders like Pat Harris. Pat can see through the fog in Washington DC and the smog in LA and help us move beyond the damage to Americans by some seasoned but mostly ineffective congressional leaders and a miserably failing POTUS.

While our “Tweeter and Thief” is perhaps best described as ‘Crazy Like a Fox’, he is not remotely interested in “Making America Great Again.” It was never his intention and he would have no clue where to begin…

TPTB will continue to blame and scapegoat innocent targets beyond our borders as soon as they can.

With an obvious and disproportionate number of Americans calling California home, we are always poised to lead by example with anticipated and wide-reaching implications nationally and internationally.

While environmental issues are so much part of my professional life as a wildlife conservationist and applied animal welfarist, social issues that were once selfishly of little importance to me, are increasingly significant and relevant.

Having interfaced informally with congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle and been afforded the opportunity to converse with candor, I found that in meeting Pat, he is exceptionally capable of listening and understanding.

Not not only did he encourage me speak casually, freely and candidly, but he entertained my discourse on topics as disparate as conserving vanishing species overseas and here in CA to celebrity endorsements to health care for underserved Angelenos.

Harris is not just gracious and grounded, he is exceedingly approachable and accessible and it was appreciated and inspirational. Thank you again, Pat Harris.

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