Unconfirmed Report: ‘Zoo Keeper Emeritus’ Jordan Schaul May Lead an Exploratory Legacy Commission for Trump Presidential Library Dedication After Administration Called “a Zoo”

From the Office of the Publicist for Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul

December 8, 2017 (Los Angeles, California) 

Press Statement/Release: Developments concerning proposed Trump Presidential Library and Country Club in Atlantic City. The news was possibly leaked by unidentified archivist intern with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

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Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul & two orphans raised in human care in AK.

An unsubstantiated claim from an unverified intern’s Twitter account in Washington D.C. supposedly associated (albeit unofficially) with The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA), has possibly recommended or leaked plans regarding the next presidential museum and library site selection. In addition information concerning its architectural design and archival team assemblage has surfaced. The selected commission chair will have to be approved by President’s Chief of Staff and the First Family.

While unconfirmed as a nominee, Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul, a former zoo animal keeper may lead an independent exploratory commission concerning development of Trump’s Presidential Library and his presidential legacy. If selected, Schaul will work with the Trump family and some of the President’s advisors.

Schaul, who proclaims to be an “over-credentialed” animal trainer and former zoo animal keeper, was a zoological park curator and courtesy professor. He also consults as a celebrity publicist through his boutique digital firm Starstruck Online. The burgeoning comedian and possible subject of fake news was initially unavailable for comment.

When tracked down this evening at a Playa Vista dog park by a presumed communication department intern from an unidentified federal agency who was escorted by an off-duty LA County Sherrifs Department deputy, he extended his appreciation and commented:

“While I’m grateful and humbled to have been recommended to advance the celebratory interests of the President’s career as a public figure and his legacy, in particular, I’m not sure that I’m the best fit for this post. However, I’m most honored to be considered. It is an important endeavor celebrating the leader of the free world.”

Schaul added that without question he thinks the Trump library should be commissioned for a ground breaking in Atlantic City, and if possible include a golf resort.

The intern, suspected to be a proxy for a senior archivist at the Library of Congress, explained that the Schaul was nominated because of his zoo experience. She indicated that because many political news journalists have made metaphorical references likening the current White House administration to a zoo, Schaul’s name was mentioned.

When asked for further comment,  he said, “Zoos are conservation centers and home to vanishing imperiled species. But just the status of being endangered is probably the extent to which the idiomatic expression from the 1800’s may be applicable to the current White House administration.”

He said, “Accredited zoos are exceedingly progressive organizations committed to the sustainability of nature and natural resources and have long been at the forefront of wildlife conservation. They are also increasingly recognized as the most progressive organizations poised to facilitate the most sophisticated behavioral health and welfare provisions for any animal populations in need. This would include wildlife, companion and/or other domestic populations.”

Schaul recommended in the event the First Family has not yet visited the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, they should, and shared that it is located in Washington D.C., should they not be aware.

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