I share two nieces and a nephew with former Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental and Technology Initiatives Reed Cordish.

Timing is everything, and as luck would have it, Cordish vacated the office the week the news releases of both the “Russian Probe” indictments and the FBI’s surveillance mishap over the Florida school shooter were issued. This was nearly a year after the grifter and Trump Campaign benefactor became a public servant.  The announcement of his resignation was essentially buried. It was an easy, convenient and silent and inconsequential exit for the “Lucky Sperm Club” member to make. Cordish ultimately resumed his role as Vice President at The Cordish Companies, a fourth generation family-owned commercial real estate business.


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8EE2E1A2-6C1A-42D3-A2EF-5F4CAB006BB0I was not a political activist until the term “grifting” came so close to home. And shamefully, I have never exercised my right to vote in a Presidential election.

Neglectful and irresponsibleof me, my excuses included being uniformed about the platforms of candidates. I also blaming my poor voting record on my ideological convictions, which I deemed to be too loosely defined.

While it is our right to ✔️vote, it is our responsibility to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. I may not have voted, but I suddenly recognized that our Constitution was under assault and I recognized the enemy and the enemy was largely domestic.004802C4-0F25-4676-86B1-66E2A6D2057Ahttps://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learners/citizenship-rights-and-responsibilities

A Responsible Citizen’s Tribute to Reed Cordish, Ivanka Trump & Lucky Sperm Club Members Advising Presidents, Monarchs & Heads of State Worldwide.

9E0E65BE-3EC9-4875-9ADA-ED16FEA708BE https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/28/opinion/white-house-of-grifters.html



The Tales (Tails?) Behind Very Lucky Sperm Club Members…











Easter at the White House…


Additional References:




“Pending a full security clearance an applicant may be granted a temporary security clearance of indefinite duration, which gives the applicant access to classified information while the original application is being vetted.”

“The White House Office of American Charlatans”

Presidential Memorandum on The White House Office of American Innovation


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