This is a tribute to the brave young people who recently attempted to recalibrate moral and ethical compasses for the Trump Administration. With much courage, these teens offered a free, live and nationally televised “clinic” on class, character, and integrity for all of us. Hopefully not futile, it was certainly a valiant effort.

While commemorative of their selfless peers, teachers and coaches who sacrificed and tragically lost their lives, this is also a poignant reminder for me, as much as anyone of what is and isn’t courage. We all need to adopt more tolerance and compassion and less judgement for those struggling and less fortunate.

As a black sheep, if not a scapegoat (ungulate pun unintended), I recognize and dearly appreciate those who have taken the time to help any lost and broken souls. Offering a moment to connect and listen and reach out with some peace and love is all you really need. Perhaps cliché in suggestion, proactive actions can change the life trajectory and fate of so many in need, one person at a time.

Last Saturday’s powerful proclamation, shared eloquently with fervor and fight by impassioned and determined highschool students (sans press corps, teleprompters, and years of media training), will hopefully foster pro-action in the wake of dysfunctional societal reactionary behavior and policy.

I was astounded and impressed by the progressive wisdom, ethos and poignant and compelling words of these South Florida high schoolers. But their infectious passion, conviction, poise, and strength, and most importantly, their empathy, should be something we all strive to emulate. The resilience of traumatized kids is not so remarkable, but their ability to galvanize a devastated community and nation is very much so..

While these heroic young scholars from South Florida may be more proficient at influencer marketing than our POTUS, we can’t dismiss the originality of Donald’s lifelong pursuit of commercial eponymous branding. While he may secretly wish to be a descendent of Russian Jewish immigrants like me, we can’t even credit him for changing his name from the likes of “Trumpinski” to Trump.

But seriously, I’m a bit concerned that the reverberating “We Call BS” rhetoric may intensify the weekend ranting displayed in Donald’s narcissistic tantrums and may be deleterious to his cardiovascular health.  His latest tweet storm following the “Russian Probe” indictments, in addition to public official harassment by teenagers, may place him at great risk for a cardiac event. Can someone connected to the President, please check his pulse every hour.

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Dr. Schaul is the Acting Executive Director of Los Angeles-based Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor is the largest Complimentary & Alternative Mental Health Literacy & Advocacy Organization & Referral Service for Practitioners & Providers Worldwide.

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