Dr. Jordan Schaul’s contributions to Nat Geo Voices reflect his broad training and holistic approach to addressing environmental and social issues facing the planet. Sharing some of his own efforts to safeguard imperiled wildlife populations through sorta situ (ex situ/in situ) conservation practices, he discusses work in some remote and undisturbed habitats to more urban human-dominated landscapes. Examples include, repatriating endangered wood bison in Alaska, rehabilitating exploited sloth bears forced to perform on city streets of the Indian subcontinent, censusing ocelot and margay populations in the dense montane cloud orests of Costa Rica, and conducting telemetry studies on sea lions in the Sea of Cortez.

His articles feature a series of interviews on pressing environmental issues with his distinguished colleague Dr. Michael Hutchins. Hutchins held posts as Executive Director/CEO of The Wildlife Society and Director/William Conway Chair of Conservation and Science for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and has been most influential in developing policies that impact the welfare and conservation status of wildlife in not only North America but around the world.

From the perspective of a conservationist, Jordan draws attention to the plight of endangered species sharing perspectives on sensitivity to both cultural and geopolitical issues surround wildlife protection and management. As an animal welfarist, with interests overlapping with conservation agendas, he broaches some unresolved issues and ethical discourse surrounding the nexus of conservation and animal welfare.

In sharing his experiences and those of his colleagues, he hopes to impart the importance of integrating collaborative field study with captive breeding and management programs for conservation-sensitive species in zoological facilities. In doing so, he has featured high profile and lesser known success stories and ongoing efforts to protect and preserve vanishing wildlife and wildlife places.

Jordan hold’s doctoral credentials in conservation medicine and specifically public and veterinary preventive health from The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He’s a proponent of One Health (formerly One Medicine) and One Welfare  movements and committed to advancement of the wellbeing of humans and animals  and the wellness of ecosystems, all of which are inextricably linked.  This entails optimizing ecosystem functioning and services and the quality of humans, and wildlife

With training in conservation medicine, ethology and behavioral ecology, These emerging global iniatives aim to optimize ecosystem functioning and services and the quality of humans, domesticated (including companion animals), domesticated animal wildlife. (domestic and collaborative and integrative aHe he holds degrees in zoology, veterinary science and comparative psychology and is both an applied animal welfarist and behavior consultant for sentient species

After curating captive animal collections, including reintroduction populations and advancing relevant conservation and behavioral management programs at facilities in Alaska and California, he began consulting sanctuaries and rescues in the US and internationally on welfare and institutional advancement.

and in care and curation applying advances in progressive welfare zoo practices to facilities including management courtesy faculty and research posts at the University of Alaska , Jordan launched ‘Dog Trainer Dude™ (http://www.dogtrainerdude.com) and Animal Trainer Dude™ (http://www.animaltrainerdude.com) to commercial companion animal and captive wildlife welfare consulting enterprises

Through his boutique Los Angeles-based digital PR firm Bicoastal Reputation Management (http://www.bicoastalreputationmanagement.com), he creates strategic publicity campaigns and cyber-branding to commercial and nonprofit organizations.

While committed to generated brand clarity, identity, awareness, recognition and social reach for clients, including social and environmental organizations and corporate entities committed to social responsibility and environmental sustainability  , their leadership and notable personnel, as well as products and services.

Environmental Sustainability , he matches celebrity influencers and other public figures with social and environmental causes and corganizations poisedfacilitates philanthropy and charitable activities for public figures and celebrity influencers

celebrities through his boutique Los Angeles-based cyber-branding firm  Bicoastal Reputation Management (http://www.bicoastalreputationmanagement.com), he consults likeminded welfare and rescue professionals and their respective organizations worldwide, advancing personnel, organizational and product branding interests.  In an effort to raise the profile of private and publicly administered zoological organizations, non-profit and government agencies he cultivated cyber-marketing and PR practices, which lead to opportunities to expand his reach beyond 

which he cultivated in an effort to raise the profile of zoological facilities and non-profits he serve as both an executive team member and/or board

 digital publicity and strategic cyber-branding firm Bicoastal Reputation Management (BRM) (http://www.bicoastalreputationmanagement.com) to serve notable figures in numerous industries.
Recent advisory roles and appointments:
Charter Board Member, and Former Chief Conservation Scientist/Executive Director, ZooNation

He was a member of Bear Specialist Group (Species Survival Commission, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (BSG-SSC-IUCN), well as the IUCN’s Communication and Education Commission


Websites: www.jordanschaul.com (main site), Bicoastal Reputation Management (digital branding site), Animal Trainer Dude (domestic/exotic animal training site)  Facebook
Huffington Post Author

Email: jordan@jordanschaul.com

Jordan was a founding board member, chief scientist and executive director of the zoo and aquarium advocacy organization ZooNation.

He’s dedicated to raising the visibility of prominent public figures, in environmental conservation and animal welfare sciences as an opportunity to advance science communication for wildlife sicken  including distinguished state and federal agency and academic biologists and administrators at reputable and accredited zoos and aquariums, museums    He offers strategic cyber-branding, publicity and public relations support services to distinguished academic, agency and non-profit entities and their respective scientific and administrative leadership.

A career zoo biologist and wildlife conservationist, he held posts and research appointments in husbandry, health and applied welfare science and management departments of numerous zoological facilities. He has served as an animal trainer and behavioral enrichment and has curated display and reintroduction populations of imperiled species at zoo campuses in Alaska and California. He’s held courtesy faculty and research positions at two University of Alaska Campuses and has served as an instructor and invited lectured at The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences.

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