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Unconfirmed Report: ‘Zoo Keeper Emeritus’ Jordan Schaul May Lead an Exploratory Legacy Commission for Trump Presidential Library Dedication After Administration Called “a Zoo”

From the Office of the Publicist for Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul December 8, 2017 (Los Angeles, California)  Press Statement/Release: Developments concerning proposed Trump Presidential Library and Country Club in Atlantic City. The news was possibly leaked by unidentified archivist intern with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). An unsubstantiated claim from an unverified intern’s Twitter account […]

My “Natural” Response to Being Labeled An “Unnaturalist” By Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society”

My “Natural” Response to Being Labeled An “Unnaturalist” By Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society” –Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul “Unnaturalist” or “Unscientist”? Some might say that Captain Paul Watson is a charlatan. I would argue that, at the very least, his acumen for the natural history and behavior of marine mammals could very […]

New ‘Housewife’ Eden Sassoon Discusses Life with her Iconic Father & her Evolving Brand

Ten years ago, Eden Sassoon was probably most known as the daughter of iconic hair styling pioneer Vidal Sassoon. Her father may have revolutionized the beauty industry, but Eden has diversified beyond beauty as an enterprising serial entrepreneur. She is extraordinarily humble, dismissing the moniker, and questioning it vehemently. “Serial entrepreneur! I never thought of […]

Parenting Kids on the Autism Spectrum & Teaching Tolerance: An Exclusive Interview with Autism Awareness Advocate Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger

                                                 Home Page   This article has also appeared on the Huffington Post website: In a recent correspondence with my friend, former model, fashion designer and Autism Speaks board member Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger, I mentioned that I was eager to talk to her about autism awareness. Mrs. Hilfiger is a staunch advocate among public […]